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How much more efficient, productive and resilient would an organisation be if it rediscovered learning, engaged with the experience, skill, intellect and innovation of its workforce?

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Ideas and innovation are part of an untethered, organic collective; where the emergence of uncertainty and risk is managed proactively, collectively and cohesively.

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Dare to imagine how the role of leadership could transform from a position of control, mistrust, enforcement and monitoring to one built upon trust, encouragement, consultation and collaboration.

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Critical in managing organisational risk is free and transparent flow of information, genuine enquiry, critical listening and engagement.

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A Different Perspective

Human Konnexions was born from the frustration of working with compliance driven and complex safety management systems, heavily laden with redundant paperwork; from reactive and controlling leadership models where respect, ethics and trust were either non-existent or at best, sporadic.  Where the underlying belief of leaders was one where followers were incapable of making decisions and judgments around risk at the frontline. 

At Human Konnexions, we specialize in building resilient and dynamic organisations through challenging these myths, influencing safety culture capability and enhancing risk intelligence with evidenced based interventions designed to accept human fallibility, encourage learning and enhance business performance!

Our Philosophy


At Human Konnexions, we resolve to think differently about issues that challenge learning new perspectives; to improve safety performance through our safety culture consultations, and tailor our programs to your industry with innovations that inspire.

Our Vision

Human Konnexions has a deep appreciation of the benefits a robust safety management system delivers.  However systems are inflexible and static; reliant on human intervention to ensure continued relevance and currency.  People are by nature flexible, adaptive and innovative; constantly updating and learning.  By shifting our focus from management systems to include social (human) systems, an organisation becomes resilient in times of uncertainty and turmoil.

Our Approach

Our approach is unique and your business is our business!  All programs delivered by Human Konnexions utilise multimedia, group works, micro-training (video practice), case studies and a range of engaging methods to actively encourage participant learning. 

We focus on discovery through experiential learning and practical application, rather than overloading your people with theory.