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How much more efficient, productive and resilient would an organisation be if it rediscovered learning, engaged with the experience, skill, intellect and innovation of its workforce?

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Ideas and innovation are part of an untethered, organic collective; where the emergence of uncertainty and risk is managed proactively, collectively and cohesively.

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Dare to imagine how the role of leadership could transform from a position of control, mistrust, enforcement and monitoring to one built upon trust, encouragement, consultation and collaboration.

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Critical in managing organisational risk is free and transparent flow of information, genuine enquiry, critical listening and engagement.

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Human Konnexions is a trusted and independent service provider working with clients across private and public sectors. From initial engagement to contract completion, we remain committed to supporting you, our client and the needs of your organisation.  Our team provides a unique blend of industry knowledge, deep technical expertise, and the ability to understand the complexities of both management and the social systems that drive inspirational solutions our clients need.

Expert Analysis


One of the key features offered by Human Konnexions is the Safety and Culture Diagnostic, which provides extraordinary insight into the implicit beliefs held within the organisation.  This Diagnostic is a qualitative and quantitative analysis, assessment and evaluation tool which measures all levels of organisational risk and culture, providing immediate feedback and exceptional insight into the organisational psyche. 

All research and evaluation is quality assured, and validated through qualified educators, analysts and experts.  This analysis allows us to tailor our solutions to target and improve underperforming areas and strengthen overall organisational performance.

Critical Listening, Mindful Collaboration and Humble Enquiry


The key to managing the unexpected is developing a mindful culture.  Knowing the level of mindfulness in a work culture is important because managing emerging risk and the unexpected (experienced through turbulence, novelty, surprise and interruption) is the primary cause of accidents, injuries and disasters.

This program focuses on how the key drivers and determinants of behaviour are driven by conscious and unconscious values, beliefs and attitudes which are held individually, socially and collectively within organisations.

Strategic Planning


Strategic planning is an exercise in imagination; and like all exercise, practice makes perfect!

The ability to imagine ‘what might happen’ is a pre-cautionary exercise which enables business to implement effective planning, strategic decision making and tackle risk. 

Our strategic planning programs aim to positively influence organisational decision making and risk ownership, by understanding and working with the complexities of social systems to leverage diversity and engage with uncertainty, rather than be intimated by it.

Advanced Risk Management


Our Advanced Risk Management Program targets a new frontier in Health and Safety; and considers the way perception, motivation, recognition, organisational sense making, collective mindfulness and engagement are all conditioned on understanding and developing the skill of hazard identification and risk decision-making. 

Due Diligence


One of the greatest frustrations of industry is the ever increasing volumes of Regulations, and the constant monitoring of policies, procedures and processes.  A compliance culture drives reporting underground,

One of the greatest frustrations of industry is the ever increasing volumes of Legislation and Regulation; requiring constant monitoring of policies, procedures and processes for currency.  A compliance culture can drive reporting underground, restrict innovation and breed an environment of mistrust.

Our programs will build on your existing management systems, engage your people and build adaptive leadership through niche thinking about strategy and safety.  This is how due diligence is demonstrated under the Act and Regulations; through social sophistication and improving your teams understanding and awareness of the more complex human factors involved in communication and consultation of risk as outlined in AS/NZS 31000 (subordinate handbook HB 327).

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